Summer Lovin’

A lot of people ask what skeleton athletes do to train in the summer. Well not a lot of people, but some…

Most seem to be expecting some elaborate method of imitating sliding, or exotic trips to far away snowy places to get our fix of frigid adrenaline. The closest I get to that in the summer is lying on my sled on the living room floor. It used to be a bit of a shock to my housemate to find me on my belly, helmeted up and apparently in a trance in the middle of the living room. He’s got used to that now.

Summer training for skeleton athletes is mostly dominated by physical training, perhaps taking out the frustration of not being able to slide on our bodies. I do 10 training sessions a week of either sprinting, lifting in the gym, doing core or conditioning sessions, or practising pushing on our push track at the University of Bath. Starting at 8am and sometimes finishing at 7:30pm.

Between these I have physio and soft tissue treatment to stop my body from falling apart, and perpetually yoyo back to the engineering department to try and make some kind of progress with my PhD.

Unsurprisingly this is exhausting, and spending 12 hours per day in the same place could be enough to send someone insane. Luckily though, I think I might already be there.