My Sport

Chin inches from the ice…
Cornering forces up to 5G…

Up to 90 mph…

Chin inches from the ice…

Cornering forces up to 5G…

Skeleton is the ultimate combination of speed, power, finesse and technology in one winter sport.


An ice covered track up to a mile long, with varying gradients and 15-20 banked corners up to 5 metres tall where we experience up to 5G of cornering forces.


A flat out sprint to accelerate the sled as fast as possible before jumping on and getting into position for the ride down the track.


The sleds are complicated technological pieces of equipment, costing thousands of pounds, and developed over years of sliding and competitions. They have a steel frame which flexes to allow steering of the sled, with an aerodynamic pod covering the underside, and a saddle with padding on the top. Metal runners are attached underneath, which give control on the ice whilst minimizing friction.


A combination of driving finesse and equipment tuning to eak out as much speed as possible from each corner down the track.


We have no brakes, so we have to use our toes to slow down up the finishing straight, and sometimes have large foam pads in the track to stop us from running too far up the braking straight.

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