My career so far…

This first blog can serve as a bit of an introduction to me. It will be short, as many things that I write are, and hopefully not too dull.

I’ve been a skeleton athlete since the start of 2008, my first race came after only having been trying the sport for a few weeks, and I finished 28th in St Moritz in Switzerland. Since then skeleton has become a huge part of my life, and a sport that I love very much.

So far my time doing skeleton has included two deselections from the British performance programme, two ankle surgeries (not injuries from crashes), one new tooth (because of a crash), and clumsily flirting with success like a teenager trying to pick up girls.

Skeleton’s a sport that takes time to develop in, and it’s only really after competing at the Olympics that I’ve started to feel like I’m getting the hang of it. Thanks in large part to Kristan Bromley, whose company Bromley Sports has been sponsoring me since Sochi, and who has guided me on sled technology as part of this sponsorship. There’s no one better than Kristan and Rich Bromley at sled development and setup!

I’ve slowly worked my way up, despite the odd hiccup, and thanks to a retirement or two, to becoming Britain’s number one men’s skeleton athlete. But I still have a lot of work to do to challenge the top guys in the world (they’re not going to retire any time soon). We’re two years out from the next Winter Olympics, only one year until we’re preparing for the Olympic season, and that time will go quickly!

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