Hunting For Sun

The Scottish Trip The BOA athlete summit, an event held once every four years for winter athletes, took place in Edinburgh over the weekend. A 5am alarm didn’t start me off in the best of moods, but I was cheered up on arrival in Edinburgh by the realisation of how Scottish a Scottish accent sounds […]

End of the Season

The second half of the season went past in a whirlwind of sliding, training, and long journeys. We crossed the continent, dipping in and out of each track we passed for some furtive racing before skittering off to the next venue. After our tour of Europe we took an 11 hour slumber jet to Korea for […]

The North American Leg

Now that we’ve come to the Christmas break we’re supposedly at the halfway point of the season. So we’re two races down, with seven to go. The two races so far have been on two of the most technically challenging tracks that we visit: Whistler with its intimidating speeds and high G corners, and Lake […]


Earlier this summer a photographer Sam Gillespie offered to come to Bath to take some photos of me. I met him down at the push track, expecting to meet a guy with an expensive looking camera who would shoot some pictures over the next hour or so. Instead Sam had a whole Citroen Picasso full of […]

Back in the fast lane

After the first week of our preseason camp in Lillehammer we have a day off to recover and regroup before hitting the track again in our perpetual pursuit of speed. I’ve taken some of the time off to sit with my laptop on one knee and thesaurus on the other, to expand my vocabularial horizons. We’re sliding […]

Starting the Season

In a few days I’ll be on a plane with the British skeleton team on our way to start another season on ice. We’re starting in Norway this year, which has been a regular preseason venue for the British team in previous years, and fingers crossed after three weeks of throwing ourselves down the track […]

Summer Lovin’

A lot of people ask what skeleton athletes do to train in the summer. Well not a lot of people, but some… Most seem to be expecting some elaborate method of imitating sliding, or exotic trips to far away snowy places to get our fix of frigid adrenaline. The closest I get to that in […]